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In a nutshell

Gephi is an open source platform for graph visualization and analysis. It uses a 3D render engine to display large networks in real-time and to speed up the exploration. A flexible and multi-task architecture brings new possibilities to work with complex data sets and produce valuable visual results.


network, network science, infovis, visualization, visual analytics, exploratory data analysis, graph, graph viz, graph theory, complex network, software, open source, science

Badge Kit

If you uses Gephi, display one of these badges to let people know!

Trademark and usage policy: Gephi™ is a trademark of Gephi NGO (“Association Gephi”). You are encouraged to use these images to refer to your use of the Gephi software. Gephi NGO may revoke your permission to use these images if you make modifications to the images or use them incorrectly (e.g., on a project that does not use Gephi software).

120px wide

160px wide

200px wide

250px wide

How to Display a Badge

Insert HTML like the following into the page where you want to display the badge. The default width of 160px is good for most contexts, but you can choose another pixel width from the list above.
<a href="http://gephi.org" style="border: none;"><img src="/images/badge/gephi-badge-w160px.png" alt="Gephi logo" style="border: none;"/></a>


Gephi Logo Only

Gephi Web Logo + Trademark


If you plan to print your work, we would appreciate that you place our logo. Please contact us to get the scalable SVG file.