Why do we have a Marketing Projet?

The Gephi Marketing Project exists to promote the Gephi Community and the Products and Services it provides. Gephi Art Project is a subproject aiming to bring an homogeneous visual identity of the Gephi project and community.

What does the Marketing Project do?

  • We set the Marketing Strategy for Gephi and cajole and encourage all Gephi marketing activity to follow its direction.
  • We act as a central collection point in the English language for marketing materials.
  • We maintain a Press Kit for the media. We act as a first point of contact for the media.
  • We maintain the visibility of Gephi on the Web and social media.

We also provide a home for the Community’s Art Project, and its collection of logos, buttons, screenshots, etc.

Who are the people in the Marketing Project?

Sebastien Heymann
Timezone: UTC+1

Where can I find marketing materials?

Note: the Marketing Project holds marketing collateral in the English language.
There are a number of resources available on this site:

For more information, or advice on how to use these, please contact [email protected].

In which case to use Gephi?

- Explore and manipulate networks
- Create printable maps
- Achieve a collaborative and intuition-oriented analysis
- Promote scientific work

Why Gephi?

- User-friendly interface (Photoshop-like)
- Customizable by plugins/API: layouts, statistics, data sources, manipulation tools, graphical rendering presets
- Performances of the ad-hoc 3D rendering engine
- SVG export for hi-res printing
- Native file formats supported: GDF (GUESS), NET (Pajek), GraphML (NodeXL), XGMML, GML, TLP (Tulip)

How can I get involved?

- Website: http://gephi.org for downloads, online documentation, tutorials in video, forums and more
- Developer center: https://launchpad.net/gephi to get source code, FAQ, features requests and bug reports