Welcome to Gephi! Gephi is an open-source software for visualizing and analysing large networks graphs. Gephi uses a 3D render engine to display graphs in real-time and speed up the exploration. You can use it to explore, analyse, spatialise, filter, cluterize, manipulate and export all types of graphs.

Getting Started

New to Gephi? These guides are for you. The following pages should introduce you to the Gephi project, basic features and installation.

Quick Start Guide
Supported Graph File Formats

Official Tutorials

Gephi is really easy to handle if you learn the basics. Let's follow these tutorials to quickly manage the main features!

Quick Start Guide  Tutorial Visualization  Tutorial Layouts 

Popular Tutorials by the Community:

Various Tutorials in Video:

Non-English Tutorials:

In French:

In Spanish:

In Chinese:


Let's download and try some datasets available on the wiki, like C.elegans brain network or the web mapping study EuroSiS for the European Union.

Practical cases

A Twitter tag, #madewithgephi, has been adopted to tell when Gephi was used. You can find a compilation of (some! of) these works on the forum.

Facebook group

Many experienced users can provide help on this group.


New users are welcome to post questions at the Gephi Support Forums. If you have a technical problem and have read the frequently asked support questions, and still can't find the answer, register then click the "[Create New Topic]" link and fill out the form to pose your question to forum members.


The Community portal centralizes all information for a better life :)


Published papers highlight Gephi usages and techniques. We have a collection of papers in which reseachers use Gephi, or explaining the underlying ideas.


Discover our roadmap and submit your whishes in this wiki page.


Find out who is behind the project, the Gephi Team, and our story.


A list of common problems and their solutions can be found in the Support Forums. Technical issues only may be adressed in our Tech FAQ. You can ask your technical questions here.

System Requirements Specification Document

A document contributed by Konstantinos Varvoutas.