The Gephi Community grows day after day. Here is the list of our contributors.

Community Supporters

Sébastien Heymann
Community Manager

Core Developers

Mathieu Bastian

Eduardo Ramos Ibañez
Code Manager

Ernesto Aneiros

Cezary Bartosiak

Plugin Developers

一杜 (Yi Du)

Shaun Roach

Other Developers

Keheliya Gallaba
System Developer

Andrew Ross
System Developer

Urban Škudnik
GraphGL Developer

Beta Testers

Stéphane Raux


Fabio Cumbo
+ and Beta Tester

Other Contributors

Eytan Adar
Mentor for the Google Summer of Code 2011

Guillaume Ceccarelli
Server Administrator

Christian Tominski
Mentor for the Google Summer of Code 2011

Past members

Patrick McSweeney
Core Developer

Jérémy Subtil
Core Developer

Hélder Suzuki
Core Developer

…and the whole community

We are very grateful to people contributing to the Gephi project by improving quality, providing user support, filling the doc and helping spread the word!