Gephi is a cross-platform application developed in Java. It was successfully tested on many different architecture, OS and graphical configuration. Gephi requires Java version 11 but you don't need to install Java separately as it's embedded into the installation.

Minimum hardware requirements

500 MHz CPU + 128 MB RAM + OpenGL 1.2
There is no absolute minimum. This is a practical minimum. Performance is a function of graph size.

Network size
(nodes + edges)
~Memory suggested
~1000 128mo
~10,000 512mo
~100,000 2go
~1M >8go

Note that Gephi has been successfully tested on Netbooks, running on Intel® Atom.


Gephi uses an OpenGL 3D engine to speed up graph visualization. However a compatible graphic card is required. If your graphic card is older than 8 years, or if your laptop doesn’t have a dedicated graphic card, you may have to upgrade your hardware to run Gephi.

If you’re running on Linux, get latest vendor graphical drivers to ensure OpenGL hardware acceleration.


The current stable version of Gephi will only run with Java 11. Java is bundled with the application so it doesn't have to be installed separately. You can however configure that if you prefer to select which JVM Gephi should use.

Mac OS

If you're running an older version of Mac OS (older than MacOS Mojave 10.14.4), you may need to install this Apple extension to run Gephi.