The Gephi Toolkit project package essential modules (Graph, Layout, Filters, IO…) in a standard Java library, which any Java project can use for getting things done. The toolkit is just a single JAR that anyone could reuse in new Java applications and achieve tasks that can be done in Gephi automatically, from a command-line program for instance. The ability to use Gephi features like this in other Java applications boost possibilities and promise to be very useful.


Download the latest version of the toolkit. The Javadoc and code examples can be found on GitHub

Release notes | Sources | Archives | Examples | Javadoc

Use cases

  • Create a layout program – that receives a GEXF file, layout it, and return the resulting GEXF file.
  • Complete chain – from an input graph file (DOT, GML, GEXF, …) to the resulting PDF, with a list of settings.
  • Java applet – Use Gephi modules to store, filter, search in the Graph and build a new visualization applet on top of it.
  • Servlet – Use Gephi toolkit to create graph snippets PNG images automatically in a servlet.

Real world applications

Truthy – Indiana University » Bio4j »

How it works

Gephi is designed in a modular way and splitted into different modules. All features are wrapped into separated modules, for instance a module for the graph structure, a module for the layout algorithms and so on. Moreover business modules are separated from user interfaces modules. That allows to keep only business modules and remove UI without any problems. That is the purpose of the toolkit, which wraps only core modules and remove all the UI layer.

The opposite figure shows Gephi architecture and what part is included in the toolkit. So the toolkit is just taking what already exists in Gephi and package it.


Find documentation and examples on the Tookit Portal. It shows examples how to use the toolkit. Consult also the toolkit Javadoc. Find more help on the forum, the community can help you.


The tutorial above comes with demos. The demos files are included in the toolkit archive, but can also be browsed online on the Toolkit Portal.

Sources are hosted on GitHub.


Can Gephi plug-ins be used with the Toolkit, for instance the OpenOrd layout plug-in? Yes that is possible, if the plug-in doesn’t depend on something not included in the Toolkit, for instance the UI. If that happens, it is likely that the plug-in has been divided in several modules, and in that case one need only the core and can exclude the UI.
Consult this HowTo page to know how to extract the plugin JARs from the NBM file. Once you have the JARs, include them in your project’s classpath, as well as the Gephi Toolkit.


The Toolkit is part of Gephi and then released under the dual license CDDL 1.0 and GNU General Public License v3. Read the License FAQs to learn more.