Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
libgexf::AbstractIterIterator Interface
libgexf::AbstractParserParser Interface
libgexf::AttributeIterIterator on attributes
libgexf::AttValueIterIterator on attribute values
libgexf::ConvUtility static class for transforming data
libgexf::DataAssociated data and attributes on nodes and edges
libgexf::DirectedGraphInterpretation of the topology structure as a directed graph
libgexf::EdgeIterIterator on edges
libgexf::FileReaderRead a GEXF file
libgexf::FileReaderExceptionException occuring when reading a file
libgexf::FileWriterWrite a GEXF 1.1 file (Gephi 0.7+)
libgexf::FileWriterExceptionException occuring when writing a file
libgexf::GEXFGEXF class, just a container
libgexf::GexfParserParse a GEXF file
libgexf::GraphTopology structure of the graph
libgexf::LegacyParserParse an old GEXF file (1.0)
libgexf::LegacyWriterWrite a GEXF 1.0 file (Gephi 0.6)
libgexf::MemoryValidatorStatic class to check data correctness
libgexf::MetaDataAssociated meta data and attributes on the graph
libgexf::NodeIterIterator on nodes
libgexf::ReadLockExceptionException occuring on a read-lock
libgexf::RngValidatorRelaxNG validator
libgexf::SchemaValidatorXML Schema validator
libgexf::UndirectedGraphInterpretation of the topology structure as a undirected graph
libgexf::WriteLockExceptionException occuring on a write-lock

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