libgexf::MetaData Class Reference

Associated meta data and attributes on the graph. More...

#include <metadata.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MetaData (const MetaData &orig)
 Copy constructor.
std::string getVersion () const
 Get the GEXF version.
std::string getXmlns () const
 Get the XMLNS.
std::string getXsi () const
 Get the XMLNS:XSI.
std::string getSchema () const
 Get the XML schema.
std::string getVariant () const
 Get the variant.
std::string getCreator () const
 Get the creator.
std::string getDescription () const
 Get the description.
std::string getKeywords () const
 Get the keywords.
std::string getLastModifiedDate () const
 Get the last modified date.
void setVersion (const std::string &version)
 Set the GEXF version.
void setXmlns (const std::string &xmlns)
 Set the XMLNS.
void setXsi (const std::string &xsi)
 Set the XMLNS:XSI.
void setSchema (const std::string &schema)
 Set the XML schema.
void setVariant (const std::string &variant)
 Set the variant.
void setCreator (const std::string &creator)
 Set the creator.
void setDescription (const std::string &description)
 Set the description.
void setKeywords (const std::string &keywords)
 Set the keywords.
void setLastModifiedDate (const std::string &lastmodifieddate)
 Set the last modified date.


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const MetaData &o)

Detailed Description

Associated meta data and attributes on the graph.
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