libgexf::LegacyParser Class Reference

Parse an old GEXF file (1.0). More...

#include <legacyparser.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LegacyParser (const LegacyParser &orig)
 Copy constructor.
void bind (libgexf::GEXF *gexf)
 Bind itself to a GEXF instance.
void processNode (xmlTextReaderPtr reader, const xmlChar *name)
 Start a process on an XML element.

Detailed Description

Parse an old GEXF file (1.0).

Member Function Documentation

void libgexf::LegacyParser::bind ( libgexf::GEXF gexf  )  [virtual]

Bind itself to a GEXF instance.

gexf : Reference to a GEXF object

Implements libgexf::AbstractParser.

void libgexf::LegacyParser::processNode ( xmlTextReaderPtr  reader,
const xmlChar *  name 
) [virtual]

Start a process on an XML element.

Call the right processing method.

reader : Reference to the libxml TextReader instance
name : Name of the XML element to process

Implements libgexf::AbstractParser.

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