libgexf::DynamicGraph Class Reference

#include <dynamicgraph.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DynamicGraph (const DynamicGraph &orig)
bool hasNodeStart (const libgexf::t_id node_id) const
bool hasEdgeStart (const libgexf::t_id edge_id) const
bool hasNodeEnd (const libgexf::t_id node_id) const
bool hasEdgeEnd (const libgexf::t_id edge_id) const
std::string getNodeStart (const libgexf::t_id node_id) const
std::string getEdgeStart (const libgexf::t_id edge_id) const
std::string getNodeEnd (const libgexf::t_id node_id) const
std::string getEdgeEnd (const libgexf::t_id edge_id) const
void setNodeStart (const libgexf::t_id node_id, const std::string &date)
void setEdgeStart (const libgexf::t_id edge_id, const std::string &date)
void setNodeEnd (const libgexf::t_id node_id, const std::string &date)
void setEdgeEnd (const libgexf::t_id edge_id, const std::string &date)
unsigned int getDegree (const libgexf::t_id node_id, const std::string &date) const
void addNode (const libgexf::t_id id)
void addEdge (const libgexf::t_id id, const libgexf::t_id source_id, const libgexf::t_id target_id, const float weight=1.0, const libgexf::t_edge_type type=EDGE_UNDEF)
void removeNode (const libgexf::t_id id)
void removeEdge (const libgexf::t_id source_id, const libgexf::t_id target_id)
bool containsNode (const libgexf::t_id id) const
bool containsEdge (const libgexf::t_id source_id, const libgexf::t_id target_id) const
t_id getEdge (const libgexf::t_id source_id, const libgexf::t_id target_id) const
libgexf::NodeItergetNodes () const
libgexf::EdgeItergetEdges () const
std::vector< libgexf::t_id > getNeighbors (const libgexf::t_id node_id) const
unsigned int getNodeCount () const
unsigned int getEdgeCount () const
void clearEdges (const libgexf::t_id node_id)
void clearEdges ()
void clear ()

Detailed Description

Class DynamicGraph

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int libgexf::DynamicGraph::getNodeCount (  )  const [inline]

Absolute node count over time

unsigned int libgexf::DynamicGraph::getEdgeCount (  )  const [inline]

Absolute edge count over time

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