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Package org.gephi.filters.spi

Interfaces for creating new filter classes.

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Package org.gephi.filters.spi Description

Interfaces for creating new filter classes.

Create a new Filter

  1. Create a new module and set FilterAPI, GraphAPI and UtilitiesAPI as dependencies.
  2. Create a new builder class by implementing FilterBuilder, this class is basically a factory that will create filter instances on demand.
  3. Add @ServiceProvider annotation to your builder, that it can be found by the system. Set FilterBuilder as the annotation parameter.
  4. Create a new class that implements either NodeFilter, EdgeFilter or ComplexFilter.
  5. Fill getProperties() method in your filter, it should expose all properies that can be set by users and have an influence on the filter execution.
  6. If you need a user interface for your filter, fill getPanel() method in the builder.
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