DiseasomeGephi team presents today a science-mapping project: Diseasome. Asked by Magali Roux, Senior Scientist at CNRS, to create a website to come with the publication of her book, Biology – The digital era, we worked on the “Human Disease Network” dataset and built a network exploration platform.

“On a unique place, one can find information about the book, the dataset related to the writings, an online data exploration framework and the file to manipulate these data with Gephi.”

The HDN (Human Disease Network) and the GDN (Gene Disease Network) were extracted from the original dataset and treated with Gephi. From the results, an interactive map has been created with the help of RTGI/Linkfluence tools. A poster is also available, with the full network and some useful statistics.

Although this work is experimental, we hope it can help scientists to explore and search in this complexity. The Diseasome is above all an innovative way to present a scientific work. The importance of complex data in science and particularly network graphs brings a lot of challenges. As well as computational issues, many things can be done with graphic design and interaction.

Explore the Diseasome

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  1. 1

    Is the data available for this like you did for the CPAN-Explorer project?

  2. 2
    Mathieu Bastian

    Yes you can get the GEXF file here at the bottom of the page: http://diseasome.eu/poster.html

    With this you can visualize the network in Gephi.

  3. 3

    Can the poster be purchased anywhere where it is suitable for framing? I’d like to use it in my office as art.

  4. 4
    Mathieu Bastian

    I updated the poster file, it should be ok now, with high-res printing.

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