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25th April 2010
3rd April 2012
Gephi 0.7-beta, Gephi 0.8-alpha, Gephi 0.8.1-beta
Windows Mac Linux

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The three dimensional translations and linear transformations layout. This plugin contains only one layout, named "Transformation", to apply linear transformations and translations on your graphs, using the barycenter of the graph as the origin of the system. It takes three homothetic coefficients, three translation coordinates and three angles as parameters to apply the transformation you want. About the order, it applies first the rotations, then the homothetic transformations and finally the translations.

Plugin Owner's Notes

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    I think I understand this plugin, but I’d appreciate a confirmation. Is the following interpretation correct?

    – This plugin acts on entire graphs only, never adjusting nodes relative to each other except as the entire graph is changed (for example, the whole graph is rotated, but never part of it).

    – This plugin applies three types of transformations to a graph’s positioning:

    a) It rotates the graph in any direction by using an angle of rotation for each of three axes, then
    b) grows or shrinks the graph (homothetic transformations) independently in each of the three dimensions (so you can stretch it in one while shrinking it in another), and then
    c) shifts the graph around in the space.

    –This plugin performs the transformation relative to the barycenter, which is generally the centroid or center-of-mass, so that the graph grows or shrinks about its center rather than some outside point. This helps ensure that graphs that are roughly balanced or symmetrical will stay in about the same place in a visualization when they grow or shrink.

    Is this all correct?

  2. 2

    Yes, this is all correct, indeed.
    Just, GeometricTransformation, as the other layouts, is applied on the visible graph only. So, if you want to apply this layout only to a local part of your graph, you can use the Filters to make this subgraph become the whole visible graph, and then apply it.

  3. 3

    I LOVE this plugin!!! Will it be compatible with 0.8?

  4. 4

    I still LOVE this plugin!!! Pretty please – can it be made compatible with 0.8?

  5. 5

    Done, sorry for the delay!

  6. 6

    I still LOVE LOVE LOVE this plugin!!! Can it be made compatible with 0.8 beta?

    P.S. Why do they need to update the plugins with every version?

  7. 7

    What version of your plugin works with GEPHI 0.7 and 0.8
    GeometricTransformation version ??

  8. 8

    this is fantastic. is there a way to continuously (recursively?) have the play button keep going with the specified transformations so that I could make a movie of it? currently I just have to hit play each time I want the transformation, then save those as screengrabs etc and merge them to make a movie, but if it’s automated I could just click play once and make a screengrab movie. in either case, thanks for the great plugin.

  9. 9
    Neal Cariello

    Download link broken

    Trying the DOWNLOAD button from

    gives 404 error at

    Thanks !!

  10. 10

    Will this be made available for 0.8.2 beta?
    Thanks in advance if so!

  11. 11

    I secord Neal’s comment. DOWNLOAD BUTTON IS BROKEN??
    Geometric transformation is unavailable on the website.

    Why publish tutorials on your website asking people to install this layout when it is not available? This comes across as intentionally frustrating your userbase.

  12. 12

    I think this has not been uploaded to the new Marketplace yet.
    You can download a copy here

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