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Generator, Imports
16th July 2010
4th November 2010
Gephi 0.7-alpha
Linux Mac Windows

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This plugin will generate a tree of entities extracted from a url, text, or html file.

Using natural language processing technology from AlchemyAPI, the following entities will be detected in the source document and displayed:
Anniversary, City, Company, Continent, Country, EntertainmentAward, Facility, FieldTerminology, FinancialMarketIndex, GeographicFeature, HealthCondition, Holiday, Movie, MusicGroup, NaturalDisaster, Organization, Person, PrintMedia, RadioProgram, RadioStation, Region, Sport, StateOrCounty, Technology, TelevisionShow, TelevisionStation

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An access key is needed to run the plug-in, and is freely available here:

Plugin Owner's Notes

AlchemyAPI Plugin, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. 1
    Samya Kullab

    Hi, this plugin is no longer available on Gephi’s new plugin centre… Is it still available? If not, can you recommend similar semantic plugins? Many thanks! – Samya

  2. 2
    Sebastien Heymann

    Hi, this plugin is no longer maintained.

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