[Gephi-plugins] Recent 0.8.2 plugins news

Mathieu Bastian mathieu.bastian at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 18:37:57 CET 2013

Hi plugin developers,

We recently had a couple new plugins validated on the marketplace [1] for
the 0.8.2 version [2]:

* Sigmajs Exporter
* JSON Exporter
* Multimode Networks Transformations
* Scripting Plugin
* SemanticWebImport
* Circular Layout
* Layered Layout
* Social Network Analysis

Kudos to the developers for taking the time! If you go to your marketplace
admin page, you can take a look at the statistics and see how many times
the plugin has been downloaded. You can also see on a map from where these
downloads come from, which is pretty cool.

Some plugins still need to be validated for the 0.8.2 version:

* Recast column
* Loxa Web Site Export
* Gexf-JS Web Viewer
* CxfExporter
* TikzExport
* HTTP Graph
* Graphviz Layout
* ARFLayout
* DAG Layout
* Image Preview

If you have issues with the compatibility, feel free to reach to us. Please
take some time to upload a new version so Gephi users can enjoy the awesome
work you've done!

You can also take a look at the Services page on the marketplace [3] and
register yourself. If you want to do some consulting or paid development of
Gephi plugins, this is the place to promote to showcase your achievements
and promote yourself.

Lastly, Gephi is now officially a skill on LinkedIn [4]. If you have a
profile, you can add it as a skill and get endorsed for it!


[1] http://marketplace.gephi.org
[2] https://gephi.org/2013/0-8-2-beta-released/
[3] https://marketplace.gephi.org/services/
[4] http://linkedin.com/skills/skill/Gephi
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