[Gephi-plugins] API Trouble, Licensing, Distributing etc.

Roman Seidl roman at granul.at
Wed Apr 10 20:53:06 CEST 2013

Dear Gephi-Developers!

As I have written in a previous mail I have developed a plugin. No I 
have several questions/problems I have come along the way.

I was planning on putting the source somewhere on github - unless 
somebody recommends me to do something else.

Is there anything you recommend for licensing a plugin? I would go for 
GPL for the sake of simplicity.

As far as I understood it is suffiecient to upload the plugin zip file 
to the website. Am I correct? And it's the correct way to produce a zip 
containing multiple if i have a library inside? My zip contains a for 
the parts of the geotools library I use and one for my plugin itself.

Exporter Plugins
I could not use the Export API - at least I could no use the 
ByteExporter or the  CharacterExporter as they only provide me with a 
Stream or a Writer but GeoTools needs a File. This is because a SHP file 
is collection of Files. I tried to write to a virtual filesystem in 
memory (apache-vfs) to produce a zip but GeoTools would not let me do that.

Thus I now hooked the export into the plugin menu. Is this feasible? Or 
would you propse to do something else?

Is it very important to the design of gephi that there is no such thing 
as a "FileExporter"?

API Trouble
I fetched the plugin-dev-environment a week ago. It could be a current 
bug but I have the following behaviour - at least while starting gephi 
from netbeans:

I fetch the PreviewController by using Lookup:

final PreviewController previewController = 

Then I try to access items from the the model:

final previewModel = previewController.getModel();

AttributeModel model = 


If I don't press "refresh" in gephi or switch to the preview tab or call:


calling getItems returns me no items at all.

Maybe this is a bug? Or is it necessary to set up the previewController 
by calling refresh?


Besides all the usual hassle it was really fun to develop a plugin! Thos 
who set up the environment and wrote the build scripts and wiki did a 
really did a great job!


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