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Hi Roman,

I don't have a suggestion for your problem, but I did want to say I'm so
glad someone did this at last. I've been wanting this for awhile, too. Nice


On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 11:18 AM, Roman Seidl <roman at granul.at> wrote:

> Dear Gephi-Developers!
> I have depeloped a ESRI-Shapefile exporter. It uses parts of the
> Geotools-library.
> It exports two Shapefiles: one for the edges, and one for the nodes. The
> shapefiles (the respective DBF-Files) contain the columns of the edge and
> shape tables. It adds the current width/size and color in gephi to two
> additional columns.
> The geography is rather simple. The location info is either read from
> columns in the node table (I use parts of David Sheppard's ExportToEarth
> Exporter to do that) or from a fake geography - that is the current
> position of the nodes in the gephi layout.
> One can then easily import the two datasets into QGIS or any other mapping
> tool and add a symbology. The only drawback of this simple solution is that
> in such tools you won't be able to draw arrows or even more arrows that
> don't intersect when they go into both directions.
> I have since only thought of a converting the "real" layout from gephi -
> the outlines of the arrows and so on - to polygons in a SHP to allow for
> maximium mapping possibilities.
> Does anybody have a different idea on how one could achieve this?
> cheers
> roman
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