[Gephi-plugins] SHP Exporter Plugin

Roman Seidl roman at granul.at
Wed Apr 10 20:18:38 CEST 2013

Dear Gephi-Developers!

I have depeloped a ESRI-Shapefile exporter. It uses parts of the 

It exports two Shapefiles: one for the edges, and one for the nodes. The 
shapefiles (the respective DBF-Files) contain the columns of the edge 
and shape tables. It adds the current width/size and color in gephi to 
two additional columns.

The geography is rather simple. The location info is either read from 
columns in the node table (I use parts of David Sheppard's ExportToEarth 
Exporter to do that) or from a fake geography - that is the current 
position of the nodes in the gephi layout.

One can then easily import the two datasets into QGIS or any other 
mapping tool and add a symbology. The only drawback of this simple 
solution is that in such tools you won't be able to draw arrows or even 
more arrows that don't intersect when they go into both directions.

I have since only thought of a converting the "real" layout from gephi - 
the outlines of the arrows and so on - to polygons in a SHP to allow for 
maximium mapping possibilities.

Does anybody have a different idea on how one could achieve this?


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