[Gephi-plugins] Beta Tester Program

Mathieu Bastian mathieu.bastian at gephi.org
Wed Oct 17 06:26:24 CEST 2012


We announced today an exciting new Beta Testing program [1]! We hope to
build a good crowd of beta testers to try Gephi on various platforms and
help ship more reliable features.

As core and plugins developers, you're welcome to join the
gephi-tests at lists.gephi.org [2] mailing list and participate. We will have
discussions about current issues and request testers' help when new
features are developed. There is also a wiki page [3] where we'll gather
and organize information so we can certify Gephi is compatible with a
certain platform. We'll also ask the most experienced beta testers to
participate in testing the amazing plugins you're developing.

All of this is possible because we're now able to generate nightly builds!
This will be the purpose of a further announcement but we've already made
enough progress so it can be tested. Every night we're generating a new set
of artifacts based on the latest code on GitHub. You can already
download [4] and test the 0.8.2 version of Gephi. Beta testers will be
equipped with the development version long before the release is ready. But
to avoid beta testers to download and install a new Gephi every day we
created a special update center [5] which is also refreshed every night.
Thanks to this update center, beta testers will remain up to date with the
latest version without having to do any work (and know anything about Git,
Netbeans or Java :-)) More details to come so stay tuned.

[1] https://gephi.org/2012/beta-tester-program-starts/
[2] http://gephi.org/mailman/listinfo/gephi-tests
[3] http://wiki.gephi.org/index.php/Beta_Testers
[4] https://github.com/gephi/gephi-maven#nightly-builds

Happy to hear what you think about this,

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