[Gephi-plugins] Announcing the Gephi Marketplace for plugins and pro services

Eduardo Ramos Ibáñez eduramiba at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 22:56:37 CET 2012

This is great!! Congrats on your excellent work Guillaume.

Does it allow to upload a different file for each gephi version of a
plugin? It looks like it does, which is something nice that we needed.

I registered as eduramiba and this is my only old published plugin

Also, lol to this https://marketplace.gephi.org/service/epic-poney-riders

2012/11/26 Sébastien Heymann <sebastien.heymann at gephi.org>

> Dear members of the Gephi community,
> I am thrilled to announce the opening of the Gephi Marketplace beta test:
> https://marketplace.gephi.org/
> The Gephi Marketplace is a novel, central place to find everything which
> is not directly available in Gephi itself. People can find plugins, but
> also professional support, training and other services listed by *you*, the
> members of the community. Using this website is free.
> For plugins developers
> --------------------------------
> The Marketplace will replace the current Plugins Center on gephi.org.
> *What is new?*
> Now you can bundle different versions of your plugins, track downloads,
> and create a great web page to promote your work such as:
> https://marketplace.gephi.org/plugin/graph-streaming/
> We've also improved the validation system so that the admin folks can give
> you feedback directly and validate your plugins faster. Notice that the
> distribution system through the Gephi software remains unchanged.
> *How to migrate?*
> 1) Register on the website.
> 2) Search for your plugin on https://marketplace.gephi.org/plugins/
> 3a) If your plugin is listed by a temporary author, please reply to this
> email and give me your username, so that I can assign the plugin to you.
> 3b) Otherwise, it means that we lacked of some information like the URL of
> the source code. You'll have to list the plugin by yourself here:
> https://marketplace.gephi.org/upload-new/
> For everybody
> ---------------------
> Services listed on the Gephi Marketplace are any training, consulting,
> private development or other services related to Gephi which are provided
> by members of the Gephi community. Services are provided on a paid or free
> basis by the members.
> Everybody is allowed to list what he can offer to other members of the
> community. During the last year I've seen a growing interest from private
> companies and academics to buy professional support and services in using
> Gephi, or in coding specific features for their business. So the Gephi
> Consortium decided to develop the Gephi Marketplace in order to support the
> growth of the community, and to provide a distributed solution to the
> market demand.
> You can list your own services here:
> https://marketplace.gephi.org/upload-new/
> Create a page per service, or one page for all of your services like mine:
> https://marketplace.gephi.org/service/sebastien-heymann/
> Roadmap
> --------------
> The Marketplace will stay in beta until January 2nd. We need your feedback
> during this period to improve the website for your needs and to fix bugs.
> Gephi.org/plugins will remain the official plugins source until we leave
> the beta.
> More info on the FAQ: https://marketplace.gephi.org/faq/
> Finally, I'd like to thank Guillaume Ceccarelli<https://www.linkedin.com/in/gceccarelli>who coded the platform with high standards in mind. Guillaume is also our
> sysadmin, and he takes care of our web server and our security. He's doing
> an amazing good job at it.
> See you on the Marketplace!
> --
> Sébastien Heymann
> Gephi Consortium administrator
> http://consortium.gephi.org/
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