[Gephi-plugins] Updated gephi-plugins repository for 0.8.1 beta release

Mathieu Bastian mathieu.bastian at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 03:22:24 CEST 2012

Hi developers,

We're about to release the 0.8.1-beta version of Gephi next week! I updated
the gephi-plugins <https://github.com/gephi/gephi-plugins> repository with
the latest version of Netbeans Platform and Gephi so you can test your
plug-in for the new version. Compatibility should be kept but some small
changes in some areas.

* Since the last stable release we moved to GitHub and worked on making
plug-ins development
If you missed it here is a small recap. Before, to build a plugin you had
to get the complete Gephi source code and add your modules. It was not easy
to manage and Gephi starting time was long. With the new plugin
architecture Gephi comes "compiled" and only your modules appear in the
project. Starting time is a few seconds only.

* If you didn't migrate your plugin project to the new system, don't panic
it can still be done. The guide at this
how get started from scratch but let me explain a bit more if you have a
repository with the old system (on launchpad for example).

To migrate your plugin follow the instructions on the guide and then create
a new branch for your plugin:
$ git branch my-plugin
$ git checkout my-plugin

Then copy paste the modules related to your plugin from your previous
repository and start Netbeans. Open the "gephi-plugins" project in
Netbeans. Thought the modules are int he folder they are not automatically
recognized by Netbeans. Instead of adding new modules right click on the
"Modules" folder in your Netbeans Project tree and select "Add existing".
Do that for every of your module. Finally make sure everything compiles and

* So if you're up to date you should have a fork of the gephi-plugins
repository with your own branch (named after your plugin). To update to the
latest version simply run
$ git pull upstream master

to merge the master branch.

* Review the API

* Some plugins may have used jdesktop layout, which is now deprecated. At
some point Netbeans was putting that option by default when you created a
new JPanel in Netbeans. Hopefully it's easy to change and migrate to the
standard Java 6 layout. Follow this guide:

* If your plugin has a TopComponent you can now uses the new "perspective
system" provided by Netbeans. Add a 'roles' parameter like in the example
below (this is the annotations to define the statistics component):

@ConvertAsProperties(dtd = "-//org.gephi.desktop.statistics//Statistics//EN",
autostore = false)
@TopComponent.Description(preferredID = "StatisticsTopComponent",
iconBase = "org/gephi/desktop/statistics/resources/small.png",
persistenceType = TopComponent.PERSISTENCE_ALWAYS)
@TopComponent.Registration(mode = "filtersmode", openAtStartup = true,
roles = {"overview"})
@ActionID(category = "Window", id =
@ActionReference(path = "Menu/Window", position = 1200)
@TopComponent.OpenActionRegistration(displayName =
preferredID = "StatisticsTopComponent")

Note the "roles" parameter which defines in which perspectives your
component belongs. Contact me if you need any help on that.

Let me know if you have any questions,

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