[Gephi-plugins] Question about layout.

Rafał Wojdyła ravwojdyla at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 17:50:07 CET 2012


first, You have made a really great app, congratulations.
But that isn't the topic of my mail: I want to ask if it is possible to
build an app over you app. But from the beginning I am student from Poland,
and I have project in Computer Science about social networks so I decided
to use neo4j and next obvious decision was your great app for
visualization. I have plans to completely(100%) change your layout - so I
am asking is it possible, if yes:
1. will it be hard?
2. can you give me some directions/advice about this changing layout part?

Once again, great app - I was stunned when i saw it for the first time.
Thank you for your help, kind regards,
Rafał Wojdyła
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