[Gephi-plugins] Hello, working on a plugin for JavaScript Export

Raphael Velt raph.velt at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 11:48:40 CEST 2011


I'm new to this list ! (I'm a student in web design and development at the
University of Paris 8)

As a Gephi user, I have been working on integrating graphs in custom web
applications. As a JavaScript developer, I decided to use this language to
create these. Now, thanks to Sébastien Heymann's help, I'm contributing
these as a plugin to generate web applications.

This is a first version of the ExportJS plugin. At the moment, it can either
export graph data as a JSON file (if you want to create an app around the
data) or create a standalone application, as a single HTML file containing
all the required styles and js libraries.

I've done a lot of copying and pasting from other export plugins (namely the
GEXF and Seadragon plugins) and I've used the json.org/java libraries to
write the JSON file.

As I am a Java / NetBeans / Gephi plugin newbie, please inform me if I've
made mistakes or used bad practices.

The result is a new branch in Launchpad :

Here are improvements I'm thinking of :

   - Adding an options UI allowing a few tweaks
      - Adding a title to the webpage
      - Putting the libraries in the page or fetching them from the Google
   - Implementing the LongTask API (though the graphs for which you'd need a
   progressbar would probably also slow down the browser)

Thanks in advance for your feedback and suggestions !

Raphaël Velt
twitter: @RaphV <http://twitter.com/raphv>
raph.velt at gmail.com
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