[Gephi-plugins] dynamically adjusting menu(s) based on node attributes?

Chris Esposito chris.esposito at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 07:07:51 CEST 2011

Hi all,
     . I've got a list of values stored as an attribute for each node -
these are the node IDs of the group nodes for the clusters the
attribute-owning node is in. I'd still like to be able to allow the user to
specify which one of possibly several clusters its in to be collapsed. At
least from a UI perspective, the most straightforward way of doing this is
an extension of the current context / pop-up menu to have several 'Contract'
menu items (each with a different cluster name, based on the selected node)
instead of the single one currently there. From what I've seen from digging
through the code there appears to be a 1-1 correspondence between classes
and menu items, so it's not clear if / how I would go about doing what I
want in the context of the current pop-up menu scheme. Is this approach
feasible, or should I look for some other alternative?

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