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Cezary Bartosiak cezary.bartosiak at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 06:54:48 CET 2011


My latest branch for the generator plugin is
lp:~gephi.team/gephi/generators, however I have got some uncommitted
changes. I'll see to that tomorrow and let you know. My other branches are:

These 3 branches are ready to migrate.

BTW - Today I'm going to finally formulate a subject of my thesis, so don't
be deluded into thinking that they are dead branches, they'll definitely
come to life ;) Especially lp:~gephi.team/gephi/dynamic-attr-stats which is
interesting for other people.

On 1 November 2011 23:52, Mathieu Bastian <mathieu.bastian at gephi.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> With Sebastien and Eduardo we decided that it's time for us to migrate
> from Launchpad to Github. This will significantly help us to manage
> our code and our developer community.
> You can already see the gephi repository here:
> https://github.com/gephi/gephi
> The trunk (the main repository where we work on the next release) has
> been already migrated and we are now working on the branches. We need
> your help here!
> The trunk is the former 0.8 branch and is now called the "master"
> branch. Git works in a very similar way compared to Bazaar and also
> has branches. If you go to the Launchpad repository
> (https://code.launchpad.net/gephi) you'll see a bunch of branches,
> mixing branches owned by gephi-team and user-based branches. Github
> organizes this much better and still let users work on their own Gephi
> branches. We will therefore have two types of branches, which could be
> called 'team' and 'user'. A team branch is typically visible in the
> list of branches on the gephi project
> (https://github.com/gephi/gephi/branches) and contains new features,
> Google summer of code projects or whatever we decide to do as a team.
> These are typically the branches the Gephi core team contribute to,
> including the master branch. The second type of branches are owned by
> 'users' and contain plug-ins, prototypes or new features not ready to
> be put as a 'team' branch. For instance here you can see my own Gephi
> branches: https://github.com/mbastian/gephi/branches. It includes the
> master branch but also two plug-ins branches I maintain.
> We are now in the process of migrating branches. For doing that every
> branch owner will need to fork the gephi repository. This is a
> one-click action you do when you're on the gephi repository
> (https://github.com/gephi/gephi). Here is a more detailed tutorial:
> 1. If you don't have an account yet, please sign-in on
> http://github.com. It's important that you use the same email address
> you used on Launchpad. That will automatically link your commits.
> 2. Go to https://github.com/gephi/gephi
> 3. Click on 'Fork' on the top of the page. This creates a 'gephi'
> repository in your account.
> 4. That's all. Now we can import your branches.
> I have been using some launchpad-to-github scripts to import the code
> and bugs from Launchpad to Github and it worked well. I have a script
> to import branches as well. Once you have a forked Gephi repository I
> can run the script for your branches.
> Please let me know as soon as possible what branches you would like to
> have.
> So far I see:
> Eduardo:
> - lp:~eduramiba/gephi/linkfluence-plugin-0.8beta
> - lp:~eduramiba/gephi/bdb_less_memory_test
> Yestin:
> - lp:~duyi001/gephi/DSNI
> Cezary:
> - What is your latest branch for the generators plugin?
> lp:~gephi.team/gephi/generators
> Paul-Antoine
> - lp:~pbittner/gephi/parallelLayouts
> - lp:~pbittner/gephi/software-analysis
> Matt:
> - lp:~mgroeninger/gephi/circularlayout
> Taras:
> - lp:~megaterik/gephi/graph_generator
> Raphael:
> - lp:~raph-velt/gephi/export-js
> Daniel:
> lp:~daniel-bernardes/gephi/gephi-0.8a-timeline
> phreakocious:
> lp:~phreakocious/gephi/httpgraph
> lp:~phreakocious/gephi/BalloonTreeLayoutPlugin
> Sebastien:
> lp:~sebastien.heymann/gephi/mrofl-spigot
> Please let me know what is missing here and when you have forked Gephi
> on Github.
> I'll provide a more detailed guide how to use Github soon. So far the
> migration is going very well and we should be done soon. Thanks for
> your help!
> Mathieu
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