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Carl Schroedl carlschroedl at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 23:08:36 CEST 2011


Carl again from UW-Madison. Last semester I enjoyed implementing minimum
spanning tree algorithms in Java for my algorithms course. I think that
users of Gephi would benefit from the following spanning tree functionality
and I am willing to implement it as a plugin. Although I am familiar with
aspects of software engineering that are relevant to contributing
(unit-testing, automated documentation generation, revision control systems,
etc.), and even though I have spent several evenings perusing Gephi's
documentation and source code, I am still unsure how best to integrate these
spanning tree features with the rest of Gephi. It looks like a lot of these
would be Filters but I'm not 100% sure yet. Could you please comment on
which Gephi module (Filter, Statistic, Partition, etc.) you think I should
incorporate the listed features into?

Please note that I define the term "graph entity" as an item that is either
a node or an edge.

Execution Features:
Run a spanning-tree algorithm
Save algorithm results in a boolean attribute for each edge and node, where
the attribute indicates whether or not the graph entity is part of the
spanning tree

Pre-Execution Features Shown to Users:
Select between multiple spanning-tree algorithms
Algorithms I'm interested in implementing:
Reverse-delete (although I am not sure how to accommodate multiple minimum
spanning forests yet)
 Each algorithm has...
Configurable algorithm-apecific options
...like minimum or maximum spanning tree where applicable
allow user to select initial node for traversal or by default opt to start
traversal from a random node
Algorithm-inspecific Options:
Create boolean node and edge attribute for
Allow user to customize attribute (column) name
Custom node and edge recoloring based on the boolean attribute

Post-Execution Features:
Recolor spanning tree graph entities
                Hide entities that are not part of the tree
Export spanning tree graph entities to a separate graph

Looking forward to your feedback!
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