[Gephi-plugins] obtain the selected nodes from a plugin ?

Erwan Demairy erwan.demairy at imap.inria.fr
Thu Jan 20 17:05:18 CET 2011

Maybe being more specific will help someone  to give me a clue:
- I would like to write a layout plugin where a specific node can be 
clicked and used as the starting point for the layout algorithm (it is 
for a tree-based layout algorithm).
- I cannot figure out how to interact with the visualisation window from 
a layout plugin. I was thinking to install a NodeClickEventListener, but 
if you are not inside a tool plugin, I do not see how to do it.
- another way would be to be able to call the existing selection tools, 
but here also I am stucked and do not see in the interfaces of the 
SelectionManager what could help me to (i) call the mouse selection and 
(ii) retrieve what was selected.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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