[Gephi-plugins] Now use UnpackNBM to use plugins from the Gephi Toolkit

Mathieu Bastian mathieu.bastian at gephi.org
Sat Feb 26 23:20:06 CET 2011

Hi all,

Gephi plugins are packaged as NBM files, very convinient to distribute but
difficult to use with the Gephi Toolkit (http://gephi.org/toolkit). Indeed,
when developing with the Gephi Toolkit, one need JARs, not NBMs.

Due to the nature of the compression used by NBMs (pack200), it's not easy
to get the JARs packaged within a NBM file.

Now it is much more easy with UnpackNBM, which can be downloaded on github:

This small application will simply extracts the JAR from a given NBM file.
The JARs can then be included in the classpath, with the Gephi Toolkit.
For instance, if I take the OpenOrd plugin file
'org-gephi-layout-plugin-openord.nbm' and unpack it, I get the JAR from it
and can use OpenOrd with the toolkit.

HowTo here:

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