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Soroosh Nalchigar soroosh.n at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 02:00:13 CEST 2011

Dear all,

I am using Gephi for visualization of ontologies and toward this end, I have
installed the plugin "*SemanticWebImport*". The plugin works and draws
graphs from RDF files. but there is a  question:

   - Using Protege, I have created a very simple ontology which includes
   just 7 classes. Then, when I import this RDF file to Gephi, using "*
   SemanticWebImport*" plugin. As a result, this plugin draws a very
   complicated graph which include many unfamiliar nodes (for example nodes
   with this names: "datatype", "resoruce","property", etc). But, I have not
   defined any nodes with these name in Protege. How can I reduce the size of
   graph to 7 nodes? As you know, there are 4 small frames in Plugin windows. I
   tried to write some queries in small window: RDF Nodes. But it does not
   work. Would you please help me?

Many thanks in advance for you time and considerations.


Soroosh Nalchigar
Erasmus Mundus Data Mining and Knowledge Management
University of Pierre and Marie Curie
Paris, France
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