[Gephi-plugins] Upload of a "big"plugin (4 MB)

Erwan Demairy erwan.demairy at imap.inria.fr
Fri Apr 1 16:49:49 CEST 2011

   I have had tried, without success, to upload to the gephi plugin 
repository a plugin allowing to build a RDF graph. This plugins use a 
RDF processing library, corese, which makes the plugin rather big 
(around 5 MB). It seems the repository does not accept files so big 
(there is no error message, just the upload never succeeds).
   So I have uploaded a plugin without any third party library, but it 
not very user-friendly, since it now requires to install manually two 
libraries (corese and jython) and configure the classpath so that they 
are found. Does anyone know a solution which would be simpler for the 
deployment of the plugin for the end-users? Is it a repository-side 
problem, and if yes, could it be possible to upload plugins of this 
size? Or did I miss something and it is in fact possible to upload 
plugins of several megabytes?
Best regards,

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