[Gephi-plugins] Circular Layout Plugin

Matt Groeninger mgroeninger at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 20:28:06 CET 2010

Hi All,

  I've created a plugin to do some simple circular layouts (non-optimized
node placement).  I'd be happy to publish it, but I've run into some


It looks like http://gephi.org/plugins/ is designed for distribution of nbm
files.  Is this correct? 

When I attempt to add a plugin there (even when I am logged in) I get an
error saying:

Add plugin, Step 1 of 2

Please log in ou create an account.


I started coding without any thoughts of coding standards, but have started
looking into Launchpad and the Gephi development standards
(http://wiki.gephi.org/index.php/Code_Sharing_Strategy).  It seems like (for
plugins) these would be something like what I would use:

Module name: CircularLayout

Codebase: org.gephi.layout.plugin.circularlayout

Display name: Circular Layout

Display Category: plugin


Is there anything else I need to generally be aware of when creating a


Hope everyone is having a good day,


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