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Interface RenderTarget

All Known Subinterfaces:
PDFTarget, ProcessingTarget, SVGTarget
All Known Implementing Classes:
PDFRenderTargetBuilder.PDFRenderTargetImpl, ProcessingRenderTargetBuilder.ProcessingTargetImpl, SVGRenderTargetBuilder.SVGRenderTargetImpl

public interface RenderTarget

RenderTarget is the graphic container the renderers draw into.

There are three types of targets: Processing, PDF or SVG. When the target is Processing, renderers obtain the PGraphicsJava2D object. For the SVG target, renderers obtain Batik's Document instance. As the PDF target rely on the iText library renderers obtain the PdfContentByte object.

Render targets are not drawing anything. They just make accessible the canvas renderers can draw into.

When render targets have specific properties, values should be set in the PreviewProperties.

Yudi Xue, Mathieu Bastian
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Field Summary
static java.lang.String PDF_TARGET
static java.lang.String PROCESSING_TARGET
static java.lang.String SVG_TARGET

Field Detail


static final java.lang.String PROCESSING_TARGET
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static final java.lang.String SVG_TARGET
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static final java.lang.String PDF_TARGET
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