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Interface NodesManipulator

All Superinterfaces:
ContextMenuItemManipulator, Manipulator

public interface NodesManipulator
extends ContextMenuItemManipulator

Please note that the methods offered in this service are the same as Visualization API GraphContextMenuItem. It is possible to reuse actions implementations by adding both ServiceProvider annotations.

Manipulator for nodes.

Eduardo Ramos
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Method Summary
 void setup(Node[] nodes, Node clickedNode)
          Prepare nodes for this action.
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getMnemonicKey, getSubItems, isAvailable
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canExecute, execute, getDescription, getIcon, getName, getPosition, getType, getUI

Method Detail


void setup(Node[] nodes,
           Node clickedNode)
Prepare nodes for this action.

nodes - All selected nodes to operate
clickedNode - The right clicked node of all nodes

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